Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Mad Hatter

I didn't watch the Royal Wedding. I'm not sure what the numbers are on how many Americans really watched it, but I do find the obsession with 'royalty' to be a bit peculiar.  (Didn't we fight a war with them in order to get away from monarchy rule? That rings a bell.) I do enjoy a good fancy wedding, although I personally hate attending them as I feel expected to wear a dress, barf.
What has really struck me has been the flood of reaction to the hat worn by Princess Beatrice. I'm sure by now you've seen it, but here it is.
You can't really miss it. There is even a Facebook page dedicated to it: Princess Beatrice's ridiculous Royal Wedding hat. Some of the comments are supportive, but most are critical. Some go so far as to say that she wore it selfishly to draw attention to herself on someone else's special day, or that it's demonic.  Seriously? It's. A. Hat.
This isn't the first wild hat that Beatrice has worn, as this slide show reveals. But honestly, people need to get over themselves. First, there is a huge cultural difference between the US and England. Seriously, these people drink tea more than coffee, which I'll never understand. But more to the point, they like to wear crazy hats. And I think it's awesome. I'm all for the free spirit, and self-expression. And let's remember that she's a kid, she was born in 1988 for crying out loud.

You do your thing, Beatrice, and pay no mind to the haters.


BeLoVed AiMeE said...

(A)Guilty..... I get it that we're different cultures. But I find it absolutely hilarious. It looks like something off Star Trek.

Anonymous said...

Nice blog Shay!! I didn't know you did this and look forward to reading it! As to princess B.'s hat, it gave me a start seeing her sitting behind the the queen with those "horns" shadowed on her face and those smoky circles for eyes. Clearly she has a penchant for Salvador Dali!
Denise H.

Janet said...

The hats are very entertaining. They should have a different name though, like head dress. To me a the word hat insinuates that it is protective gear from sun, fast approaching baseballs, pelting rain, sidewalk scrapes, etc...the hats the Brits wear are carefully balanced on their heads, if any of the above mentioned tragedies occurred both they and their hats would be goners :)

Laura said...

She reminded me a Who from Whoville.