Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Katy Perry

Katy Perry: Strick Christian upbringing kept me from having a childhood

This makes me sad. The crazy legalism of her parents pushed her further from a faith with God, instead of closer. Where was grace in her childhood? Where was the love of God? It doesn't sound like they ever taught her about that.

My sister saw her in concert years ago when she was performing as Katy Hudson. She was disappointed when Katy turned from God and began a scantily clad Hollywood singing career.  Reading this article, I can see why she did. And I can't blame her. I would run screaming from parents who wouldn't even let me say 'deviled eggs'. What kind of lame nonsense is that?

I am putting Katy Perry on my prayer list, that God would send someone to witness to her about a real relationship with God, one filled with love and mercy and forgiveness. Someone who will serve her deviled eggs with a smile and tell her about how much Jesus loves her.


KateO said...

I had no idea Katy had a pre-hollywood career...
it is sad.

Shay said...

I copied & pasted that headline and just realized that they spelled 'strict' incorrectly. *eye roll*