Friday, March 11, 2011


I was going to blog today and complain about causing my first ever car accident yesterday. But watching all the footage of the earthquake & tsunami in Japan, I am humbled by how small my problems are.  My neck is a little bit sore, and I have a little damage to my car. I damaged the car I hit, but it's hopefully just a new bumper & paint. This pales in comparison with the devastation to humanity in Sendai and other Japanese cities.
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I have a cousin stationed in Okinawa, which thankfully looks to have been spared any major effect from this tragedy. I'm praying for God's intervention and comfort for the rest of Japan. There are no words that can accurately describe this kind of disaster.


Zoltana's Spot said...

These images are jarring. So sad. I traveled throughout Japan years ago and fell in love with the people and culture. My heart weeps for them and my prayers are with the people of Japan who are suffering and for those affected. Thank you for sharing this.

KateO said...

Oh no. I hope you're ok too.
THat devestation astounds me. I saw a news clip that said Japan was one of the most prepared countries for a disaster like that, but still, look at it. Crazy.

Beacon2Light said...

It is awful. I think of the number of people sent to a Christ-less eternity too. We need to remember to share the Gospel and do what we can to get the good news out to as many as possible. I am hoping that the relief that is done in the name of Jesus from around the world and from churches inside of Japan will help with physical and spiritual needs.