Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Carlos Estevez is not Winning

So are we collectively sick of Charlie Sheen yet? My word it's like the media forgot that there are 7 billion other people on the planet. I know he's news-worthy to a point, but I'd love it if we could move on and stop giving him attention. I'm pretty sure it's only feeding the monster. I'd love it if the next headline was that he was going to rehab for real.

Found a great list of recovery tools and wanted to share: 90 Tools for Sobriety

#64 - Watch out for the RED FLAGS ... things that give excuses for poor behavior and inevitable relapse.  I could easily get caught up in my pity party about Debby. We left our old church a year before she got sick, so I rarely saw her. She only lived 15 months from the date of her diagnosis, and her decline was sudden at the end. We really thought she would beat this, just like she beat the MRSA last fall. But whether or not my brain can accept what has happened, I need to keep my head on straight. I can't start down that path of excuses and complaining. Relapse doesn't happen suddenly; your choices & behavior lead up to it.

#88 - Handle what you can and leave the rest, don't overtax yourself. You can only accomplish so much in a given 24 hours. I am not going to achieve perfection in motherhood (or anything else) at any point. If I get myself all twisted up about every detail of raising my children and making them into perfect little law-abiding Christians, I am going to make myself crazy and miss out on the fun of their childhood. I have to trust that I'm not carrying this responsibility all on my own.

#10 - Be active - don't just sit around. Idle time will kill you.  This is a hard one for me. I have too much free time. Sure, I'm a busy mom and there are days when my head spins. But there are other days when the kids are all at school and I have idle time. I'm not great at disciplining myself. I make lists but don't always work through them. Not having a boss to direct your time is bittersweet.

My heart is a shade lighter today. The grief isn't any less, but I can feel myself becoming willing to move forward. I had such joy while reading the Word this morning, and felt Him encouraging me. He is so faithful.


BeLoVed AiMeE said...

yes..sick of it before I even knew what was going on!! I HATE how the media gives so much attention to non-importance. We are a gossip gobbling society. Ugh.

Great points you listed... several uh-huhs rose up in me.

Glad you are lighter. Heaviness of heart is..well,heavy. love ya! <3

Shay said...

I think it makes me really sad because as easy as it is to get sucked into how 'funny' Charlie Sheen appears right now.... people are missing the point that this man has destroyed his brain with drugs & alcohol. I've seen people in meetings like this, and it's heartbreaking. Young people with a problem think they will get sober later, and don't understand the long-term, permanent damage they are doing.
and love ya too :)