Saturday, March 19, 2011


After touching up my blue recently, my daughter said, "Oh cool, did you add silver?"
"No, that's grey."
"Ohh. Sorry."

"How did you know the bomb was in there?!" ~ 4 year old TC
"Mad skills, my friend, mad skills." ~ almost 9 year old E

"MOM!  You scared the jiffies out of me!" ~ E, when I poked my head in the door to say something to him while he was showering. He didn't hear the door and didn't expect my voice. No clue where he got "jiffies" from, but it really killed me.


Heather said...

lol :)

BucksCountyFolkArt said...

How the heck is TC 4?! In my mind, he'll always be a 2 year old! Does he go to Kindergarten in September or not until next year?

Shay said...

He was four last October! Crazy, right? He won't go to Kindy this year though, since he misses the cutoff by a month. I'm glad I get an extra year, I'm so not ready for him to go yet!

Beacon2Light said...

kids are great!

KateO said...

lol. these are great!