Monday, March 14, 2011

Life with E

I'm guessing this is just a 'boy' thing, rather than an 'ADHD boy' thing. Either way, it was pretty entertaining for me. He told me that he wanted to have a sandwich all made to have in the morning, that way I wouldn't have to make him breakfast, and he would get food in him. (An issue for ADHD/medicated kids.) After he went to bed I saw he left the cheese out on the counter. I went to put it away and found this. Best laugh I've had in a week.


BeLoVed AiMeE said...

hahaha at least it's ham and opposed to Jack's ham and peanut butter :S boys!

Shay said...

hahaha! He just moved out of his peanut butter & cheese phase!

KateO said...

I thought me and my grandpa were the only people who ate peanut butter and cheese!
I say that was typical! leaving it there in the fridge and leaving out the cheese. so cute.