Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Update on the Little Guy

First, some housekeeping: I'm switching from calling my youngest T, to TC.  My husband is Tom and I call him T for short ALL the time.  So calling our non-Tom son by his father's nickname was confusing, even if it was only on the blog.  So I'm going with his middle initial too, to make it TC, and you can imagine him choppering Magnum, PI around town.
So TC had a doctor's appointment yesterday, wherein she confirmed my ear infection suspicions.  He does have infection in both ears in fact, and she's worried about his lungs developing pneumonia with all the junk in there.  So back to the nebulizer which we haven't used in ages.  Every four hours, even nighttime if we can manage it, and she wants to see him again on Thursday.  She must be pretty concerned about the possibility of pneumonia to be that pro-active about it, so I'm praying a lot about TC's lungs.  I'm pretty much keeping him in the house and away from other people as much as possible so he doesn't catch anything else in the meantime. The timing is good, since there will be no school, MOPS, bible study or small group in the next two weeks, and I can keep him in a bubble.

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