Friday, May 16, 2008

Writing Prompt: Object Description

Creative Writing Prompts
#1 Close your eyes briefly. Think of one object that's in the room and focus on it. Without opening your eyes, recall as much detail as you can about it. After three minutes or so, open your eyes and write about that object without looking at it.

My Coffee Table
Our long homey table sits surrounded by carpet and toys, hovering near the couch and recliner. I sometimes put my feet on it but it's main purpose is the storage of crap we don't want the kids getting into. That crap being videos and photo albums.

The table isn't actually a table at all, but rather an old cedar chest. It's a beautiful color and I love how it looks. How it smells however, is another matter. It stinks. Someone who was unfamiliar with how cedar chests work put moth balls in it at some point in it's history. So instead of a lovely cedar smell when you open it, it reeks like grandma's attic. It is, however, blissfully free of moths. Which given the mostly plastic contents, is pretty much to be expected anyway. I'm not sure how moths feel about old VHS tapes, but they don't seem to pay any more attention to them than we do. Perhaps they prefer Beta.

I'm not sure how long it is, I'd say maybe five feet? The top is made of long smooth boards fitted seamlessly together. It has some wooden 'handles' at the end which are amusing, because who has an arm span that wide, and who is able to pick up something so heavy even empty, with their arms spread that way? It has tiny little feet with tiny little wheels which are mostly useless given the size of the chest. They do raise the chest about four inches off the ground though, comfortably allowing the stowing of full sippy cups, dust bunnies, toys, remote controls, and any other object that we tend to lose and fret about in this house.

We came to own this particular piece of furniture when it was left here by a former roommate of ours. I'm glad that he left it, even with it's aroma. I much prefer old and worn wooden furniture over pretty much anything that Raymour & Flanigan is mass producing these days.

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