Thursday, May 22, 2008

Maria Sue Chapman

I was heartbroken when I heard the news today about the death of the youngest child of Steven Curtis Chapman. I don't know what you say when a child dies, at least not in a blog. I know that there are no human words that ease that pain. We can only rely on God for that.

We used a Chapman song, With Hope, during our Pregnancy & Infant Loss Remembrance Service this year. Anyone who knows his music has to be thinking of this song today, and praying that it brings him and his family comfort, while at the same time they think on the cruel irony of this song now applying to his own life.

No child loss being alike, I would not even attempt to say that I understand in the slightest what he and his wife must be going through right now. But having had a miscarriage, I can tell you that what is most helpful when you are grieving is for people to simply be there, willing to listen, and willing to do daily tasks for you without being asked.

My heart aches for this brother in Christ and I pray for the Peace that passes all human understanding to fill his home.

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Tom said...

it is sad. My wife and I went thru this too. it was at 5 weeks. My wife was really broken up, and for me it took a few days to really settle in. In fact, my wife kept asking me why I wasn't so upset. The thing was, women and men grieve differently. Also, she wouldn't let me tell anyone...which is how I deal with things. talk it out with a friend. When she finally got it...I broke down.
I saw the SCC story too and was saddened. The mere thought of something like that happening to your own kids sends shockwaves. After praying about it we were able to come to terms with our loss as being God's will...and we were able to persevere.