Tuesday, September 14, 2010

You are getting sleepy.....

{Yes, that is a picture of a sleepy Jesus in bunny slippers. And it totally kills me, so I had to share it.}
I keep thinking that I'm going to magically find time to write now that the kids are in school. But somehow this is not the case. I've been running from one place to the next, and our evenings are just plain nuts. The two nights that the kids have soccer practice are especially hairy.
It's 10pm, I finally have a quiet house in which to work.... and I'm instead going to go to bed. Which, for anyone who knows me, is just completely out of character. I normally go to bed at midnight, and usually watch tv for a half hour before falling asleep. Maybe I'm changing without even meaning to? I just know that this old girl is Ti. Errrrd. I've been walking almost every day with a friend, and we do about 3.7 miles. I've lost a few pounds (squee!) and am feeling really good health-wise. But by the end of the day, I am beat!
I will make time to write though! I will! Just not tonight. *yawn*


Julie said...

I think that pic is really funny! I know what you mean about not having time. In the summer we think when the kids get back to school we'll get more done, and during school we think about all the time we'll have when we're not running to and from school and sports etc. Can't win for losing!

On an entirely different note, I've somehow ended up with 2 google accounts, both which are following you. I don't know how to get rid of one, so I just thought I'd tell you that 2 Julie's are me:)

Shay said...

Maybe google is taking a cue from msn? LOL!