Tuesday, September 21, 2010


So tomorrow is the day of my surgery. Dent dent dennnnnn. I'm pretty much dreading it, not in a horrific or fearful way, but in a not wanting to go through this because it's going to suck way. I have this thing about needles. I'm aware that it's all in my head, but it's like an autonomic response of some kind. I get sweaty and swoony when I know they're about to put that IV needle in.
I got some awesome answers to prayer though, which I'm excited to share. My first concern was that I had no one to 'be me' all day. It's not like my job is all that difficult, but we have three children attending three different schools. My second concern was that we would not know my surgery time until the night before, so coordinating people to help out would be in a pending-state for days on end. I am a planner, and this made me Cray. Zee. I have to make lists and plans and graphs that I can point at with a laser when I do anything, and not being able to do that was super frustrating.
So in comes all my awesome friends who prayed for all these issues. I got the phone call two minutes into the two hour window that the hospital said they would call in, and was pleased to hear that I needed to be at the hospital at 9:30am. I may or may not have done some sort of happy dance at this point. That time slot means that I don't need to be dropping kids off at friends' houses at some ungodly hour. The Man and I can drop them off at their schools with plenty of time to get to the hospital. Yay God!
So, off we go. I know I will come home 'packed'. *shudder* I plan to spend a lot of time watching tv or annoying my Facebook friends. I am determined not to get sucked into any of those games though, no matter how much my sister says she loves FarmVille. The last thing I need is a virtual farm to be in charge of. I can just picture Shay's Giant OCD Farm.


BeLoVed AiMeE said...

frontierville is much more fun than farmville. just sayin.

Shay said...

LOL Aimee! I would ask you why, but I'm afraid any explanation you give me would then entice me to play!

Julie said...

"Shay's Giant OCD Farm"...lol...just choked on my coffee a little :D

Praying that all goes well today. I love how God takes care of the details that we sometimes stress about.

Nova Kristin said...

Giant OCD Farm bwahahahahahahaha