Monday, September 27, 2010

This & That

The Farm Chicks - This gal Serena works for Country Living Magazine and I so love her. She embodies all things country & farmy & good to me, and I'm devouring her blog.

Country Living - The Princess is selling magazine subscriptions and I gave in and ordered one. I've been well-behaved with our finances lately (see next link) and I'm working to cut out any expenses that we don't need. So this goes against that, being that I certainly don't need a magazine. But I gave in & made my daughter very happy, so that's that. Anyhoo, I am excited about this magazine. I'm looking forward to reading every bit of it, and then cutting out pictures to go in my journal. Christin inspired me recently with some fresh ideas on journaling, and I'm excited to try. I don't do much handwritten journaling anymore because carpal tunnel makes my hand cramp terribly. But I love that kind of expression so I'm going to try it.

Steven Curtis Chapman - The Man surprised me with tickets to go see SCC! It'll be a road trip too, since the venue is a few hours away. I'm already researching hiking & flea markets for the area in case we can get there early & have time for other things.

Surgery Update: I'm still recovering, and the ENT was not exaggerating when he said I would need a week to recover. This has been much harder than I could have imagined. I forgot to mention earlier that he did not send me home 'packed'. He said that he doesn't do that unless the bleeding is really excessive. So that's good, but the bad news is that I did come home with those splints that are holding my new septum in place, and they feel about as good as you're imagining right now. My post-op appointment is Wednesday afternoon, where they'll take those out. They warned me to take pain relievers ahead of time and have someone drive me home. So I have that to look forward to.


BeLoVed AiMeE said...

I also enjoyed Christin's journal post.
Hope everything moves along quickly and you are feeling better soon.

Trish D said...

I really love the Country Living mag - I justify it as a small indulgence, and happily pass it on to a friend after I've read each issue (and thankfully she doesn't mind if I've ripped out a few pages ;)

Am continuing to pray that you'll be back to normal very, VERY soon!!!

Anonymous said...

I just ordered Better Homes and Gardens JUST for the pics for my journal, lol. It's $5.99 right now plus a free cookbook. Woo hoo. LOL

Thanks so much for the link love and I'm blessed that you were inspired by it! I thank Ann Voskamp!! :)