Tuesday, August 10, 2010

This & That

EvanTell -  Last night at church we had an evangelism training seminar. I love my Jesus, and really do want to share Him with others, but like every garden-variety Christian, I feel very inept in doing so.  How do you express in simple terms how much the Creator of the universe loves and wants you?  It's overwhelming from every angle. Two of our pastors led the seminar based on material from EvanTell.  I found it very helpful and insightful. The specific worksheet that we used, How to tell the Bad News Good News, is found here.

That Will Buff Out - One of the many sites in my 'Funny & Bizarre' bookmark folder. (A bit of language here & there, not for the kids.)

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Theresa said...

It seems the last four people I've met with this month have turned the conversation to God. No, God has turned the conversation to him. Actually, when I was walking with my sil, I said a quick prayer. About 20 minutes later, the conversation turned. God is so amazing. I want to share it. He is my favorite topic and I want to talk about Him all the time. It's a topic that I can't share with my husband so whenever I get the opportunity to shout how much I love my Jesus, I jump at it!