Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Whitney Houston

Autopsy Reveals Whitney Houston's Body Ravaged - We all knew, or suspected, that Whitney Houston had been under the influence when she died. I had hope for her during the brief time she had gotten sober and appeared on Oprah looking healthy and finally of sound mind. Reading this report broke my heart a little. It's a grim picture of what addiction does to you.

Sources said the temperature could have been as high as 150F (66C) when she got into the tub. Six hours after her death, the water was still 91F and medical sources said she may have been so high she did not notice how hot her bath was. Traces of cocaine, cannabis, anxiety pill Xanax, muscle relaxant Flexeril, allergy medicine Benadryl and painkiller Ibuprofen were found in her body. The 48-year-old was also scarred by decades of cosmetic surgery, alcohol-fueled fights and falls. She had marks on her stomach, chest and upper left thigh believed to be from cosmetic procedures. A scar on her left forearm may also have been self-inflicted. Houston's lifestyle also had weakened her heart so badly that one of her coronary arteries had narrowed by 60 percent.

She talked & sang about Jesus, and I truly hope that she did know Him, and is at peace now.

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Beacon2Light said...

Great post, Shay. Very sensitive yet not glorying in the shame as too many people veer to when talking about her. May others see and fear and get help before it is too late. Maybe much good can come from this despite the utter sadness of it.