Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I saw a convertible Smart Car on the road this morning. I was actually afraid for the little guy in traffic. I felt like I was watching a preschooler cross a highway alone.

My four year old, who cannot read, can use the Wii like a pro, navigating menus and playing complicated games with no help. Yet he somehow expects me to believe that I need to brush his teeth for him because he can't do it.

E has his first real friend. He's had some kids before that he played with, but nothing that could be called a friendship. There is a boy from our church who has Asperger's that we have had over our house a few times. They are like peas in a pod! They get along really well, I guess because they have some of the same quirks and both share a love of video games. They have been on the phone the last few nights playing Roblox together.  Last week at Stockade (Awana) E fell during a game and hurt his arm. Z stayed with him as he got ice and a band-aid. When a leader said Z could go back to the group while he took care of E, Z refused saying that E was his best friend and he would stay with him. I cried when they told me that.

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Julie said...

that's fantastic! Nothing warms a mom's heart than to see her kids making friends. My son also has one "quirky" friend and they get along like no others! The school even put them together in class this year b/c they are the only real friend each other has...that makes this mama happy<3 (His mom actually just signed him up for Stockade at our church so they can be in it together too!)

I'm so glad your boy has a true blue friend<3