Monday, July 11, 2011

Kidz Kamp

Man the spelling on that title hurts my head, but I'm not in charge of publicity. I'm in charge of snack this year, which sounds cute & fun, doesn't it? Yeah... umm..... If I volunteer for this again I may need my head examined. Or at least get a co-leader!

Our curriculum this year is Son Surf Beach Bash by Gospel Light.So far, so good! A is old enough now to help out, rather than attend. She's on the skit team, and also in the kitchen with me. The boys are exhausted after just one day. TC slept the last two hours on the couch and just woke a few minutes ago. He glared at me when I asked if he'd had a good nap, rolled over and went back to sleep. I'll have pictures to share in a few days.


Janet said...

woo hoo :) Morgan slept for three hours, Jake only two..but still! Just one more reason to love Kidz Kamp!!!

Anonymous said...

Hope you're still truckin through Shay!! I watched my office fill up today with snack for VBS. We're doing ours this coming week. I'm giving leadership to the recreation.. Which is a hoot, because I get to use food in the games :) This years curriculum celebrates the fesitvals of the Bible.. excited to watch the kids play with food and learn about Jesus!! Praying for endurance <3