Monday, July 25, 2011

The Death of Amy Winehouse

I was incredibly sad to read of the death of Amy Winehouse. She became famous with her 'Rehab' song, and flaunted her refusal to go to rehab herself. She did, in fact, go to rehab four times, but each time checked out after a very short stay. She could clearly not get through Step 1 and it ultimately killed her.

Could Amy Winehouse have been saved? There are always accusations that the family or friends of a famous addict enable them rather than help them, in order to keep their own gravy train moving. If everything in this article is true, then this was not the case with Winehouse's entourage, in fact quite the opposite.

Russell Brand - "We have lost a talented, beautiful woman." I was very impressed with what Brand had to say here. I wish his sobriety had been an example that Winehouse followed. I liked what he had to say about the need for addicts to be treated not as criminals but as sick people who need care. Not that we shouldn't answer for our crimes, but that if the goal is to make someone a productive member of society, then jails & institutions are not the answer.

The 27 Club - I don't think I was ever aware of how many celebrities had died from their addictions at the age of 27. Oddly enough, I got sober just a month before my 27th birthday. Why that age is a turning point for so many of us, I couldn't say. It may be the amount of time that our bodies, minds or family can tolerate our disease. Whatever the reason, I'm thankful every day that I can live a sober life.

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Beacon2Light said...

I thank God that He reached you before that milestone, Shay. May God's grace be with you as you not only live the life but help others too. Perhaps this post will speak to someone who desperately needs it.