Monday, January 31, 2011

We now resume our regularly scheduled programming...

My precious laptop has been returned in good working order, so I can re-enter the blog world with gusto. Of course, I just spent the last hour fussing with my template and background, totally screwing it up, so you must now live with my meddling for a day or two. Once I get completely frustrated it's best if I walk away from a project for a while. I swear I'm not a drama queen.

I always pay attention to news items involving alcoholism, and here is one I found the other day.

Sadly, I found it on FailBlog, where it's mostly being made fun of. And I get that the irony of this man's actions is funny in a small way. But it mostly made me sad and angry with this guy. Sad that he is so wrapped up in his disease that he can't even show up sober for a DUI hearing. Angry that he is such a hideous human being. But I must add grateful to that list, because I truly am grateful that I didn't end up like this man. I could have. I so easily could have.  When we sang Amazing Grace in church yesterday, I cried, because I am that wretch. Thanks for saving me, Jesus.


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