Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I am not cut out for catering

I survived a very long weekend of catering and am never doing it again! Ok, maybe not never, but seriously, no one else is allowed to get engaged or married anytime soon. One of the foods I made was chicken satay, which was a new adventure for me. It turned out really well!

See how the red onion mocks the chicken, not knowing his own demise will soon be here in the form of broccoli salad!

Saturday was the engagement party for the Man's cousin. Lots of fun, but way more work than I had bargained for. It was at my in-laws house, and my mother & sister-in-laws and I did the food. It was a lot of cooking in a hot kitchen on a hot day, and then a lot of running back and forth to serve said food, and keep an eye on my kids and keep an eye on my own cup. I drank either straight from a water bottle or can of diet coke, so I wouldn't risk picking up someone else's drink.
Then last night was the bridal shower for a friend. Also lots of fun, but lots of work and food. I. Am. Tired. So today it's just me, pajamas, coffee and Tylenol Allergy Sinus. Later!
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