Thursday, February 5, 2009

This & That

I recently ran across ScrapBlog and am pretty sure I will never get housework done ever again.  It's really lovely and easy to use, and I have always wanted to be that person who scrapbooks.  I instead am usually the person who has a box stuffed with old pictures and negatives, and more recently, the person who has 27 CDs of pictures that have never been printed.  I would still like to make 'real' scrapbooks of the boy's first years (I actually did do the Princess' a while back.) but this will suffice for other things I think.
I'm speaking at a meeting at a residential treatment center next week.  My sponsor is going with me which eases my mind greatly.  I am hoping to not throw up on my shoes from nervousness.  I know that I need to do this kind of thing, but I get tongue-tied and nervous and stupid and then can't remember what I wanted to say, and end up babbling like a crazy old woman picking out melons.  It's quite sad.  My sponsor said she thinks that I do better than I think I do, and I'm just trying to focus on that.  I can't think about it too much ahead of time or I will get overwhelmed with everything I think I 'should' be saying, rather than just sharing my experience, strength and hope the way that I should. has some neat little brainy games that I've been putzing around with.  I like this one especially.
The Man is working seven days a week right now, and hit around 90 hours last week.  We'll be glad when February is over and we can return to some sanity around here.
The Princess has about 5 more weeks left with her RPE in.  Last week she lost a tooth that happened to be right where one of the front wires ends.  It wasn't attached to the tooth, but the doctor wanted to shorten that wire so it wouldn't block the new tooth coming in.  So I got her out of school early and drove over.  It took longer to drive back and forth than it did for him to shorten the wire.  Then lo and behold, last night she lost the exact same tooth on the opposite side.  So out of school early we go yet again.
I keep trying to think of something else to add or a witty closing.....



Trish D said...

Will be praying that all goes well next week, and that you'll be your normal witty, wise, and non-vomitous self! (What day are you going to be speaking?)

Shay said...

Thanks! It's on Wednesday night.

BeLovedAiMeE said...

I've left an award for you at my blog if you'd like to play along. :) xoxoxo