Sunday, February 1, 2009

Mall Trip

So Kate and I met at the mall on Friday in an effort to escape our fever-inducing cabins.  I generally avoid the mall because A. I am not 15 and B. The creepy lotion kiosk guy has beasty breath and he always wants to sell me stuff.  The beauty of having a child in a stroller to push is that I can pretend to be busy with the child and thus avert my eyes from anything I don't want to see.  Take a shower dude.
Anyhoo, I had planned to eat lunch before we went up, but ran out of time (which is code for I was playing PathWords on Facebook and was so close to beating my top score).  So we headed towards the food court.  Now, the one great thing about being a stay at home mom is that you can go to the mall during the week, during the school-day, when you can avoid all of the loud and ugly teenagers.  And I say ugly only because they bring it upon themselves with dirty Emo hair, chunky girls wearing shirts that are too small for them, and the constant & loud presence of cell phones for which they do not pay nor do they have any use for outside of texting about Edward Cullen.  So imagine our surprise to find that the food court was crammed to the gills with about 723 junior high students on a 'field trip.'  The fast food cashiers all looked like they were in shock, and the noise level was somewhere around excruciating.  The interesting thing was that although they were in an area serving food with many tables, they were all standing or walking and not eating.  Like they had been herded in there and left in a waiting room.  There also appeared to be no one watching or in charge of any of them.  They hadn't reached Lord of the Flies status yet, but there was much giddy loudness, running back and forth, combined with OMGs and LOLs.  It was almost enough to make me consider homeschooling.


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