Thursday, January 8, 2009


I liked Trish's 'overheard' title recently so I am shamelessly stealing it.

Things overheard in our lives recently....

"Mom, how did your babies get out?"
"Yay, they're re-running that 24:Redemption show that we missed!"
"But the puppies WANTED out Mom!"
"oh my gosh!" (which wouldn't be notable except that it came out of the two year old, which made it insanely cute at the time)
"I love you" from me to my sister, while I wished desperately that we didn't live so far away, so I could squeeze and inhale that new baby boy in her arms.
"Mom I threw up."
"I have your son here with me."phone call from the principal to me, for various infractions
"We do not use death rays at the dinner table."



Nova Kristin said...

Said by yours truly in exasperation
"I don't need to see your eyes to know your ears are working" asI was being ignored by a young child

Recovery said...

Your blog rocks. I nominated it for the Lemonade Award. If you participate in this kinna thing, you can pick it up on my blog.

May God bless you and your family.


Recovery Rocks!

BeLovedAiMeE said...

"I don't have to go to school in the morning...I'm going to the DENTIST!" ..Such an odd 5 yr old logic.