Wednesday, November 17, 2010


"You are just glowin'.  It's like you have a golden blackness." ~ Black man talking to a black woman in the orthodontist waiting room.  Can't say I've heard such a good pick-up line, lol.

"I have magic pee."
"Oh really?"
"Yes, it disappears when I go." ~ Conversation with the Tyrant, who is 4 and still obsessed with all things related to the potty & body function, ughhh.


Beacon2Light said...

Your "Tyrant" has quite a pick-up line too, huh?

Funny between the adults. How did she respond?

Shay said...

She was visiting from the optometrist's office across the hall, handing out coupons. She smiled & laughed. Not sure how she would have reacted had she not been representing her company, lol.

Anonymous said...


Ted and I overheard this last night as the kids were in the tub:

Mary to Nic: Your private looks different than my private. Your private looks like a hose!