Monday, October 18, 2010


I'm stealing this from Aimee who stole it from someone else. :)


i am: always tired
i know: it's because I stay up too late
i want: more time to read
i have: lots of laundry to do
i wish: my Gram didn't live so far away
i hate: Parkinson's Disease
i miss: my Grandma
i fear: my procrastination will always rule my life
i feel: tired but glad I just walked three miles
i hear: the chainsaw the Man is using to demolish the old shed
i smell: wood smoke from our stove, coming back in the open window.  the Man is getting it ready for winter and clearing the dead sparrows out of it :(
i crave: chocolate.  forever & always.
i search: for a hairstyle that I will love.  I'm never happy with my hair.
i regret: my last haircut. awful.  told her to take a few inches off and redo my layers. It's crazy uneven on one side and makes me want to just go really short again and not be bothered! bah!
i love: this time of year
i care: about the old crazy lady who lives across the street that you can't go near for fear of being reamed out.
i always: have eggs & toast for breakfast.
i believe: in Jesus ♥
i dance: rarely, as I don't enjoy it
i sing: a lot, I love it!  The Princess loves to sing too, so sometimes we sing together. I don't think I'm good, but I do ok.

i don’t always: give a rip what other people think.  In fact most of the time I don't.  This is the gift of my 30s I believe.
i truly desire: to know God and serve Him all my life
i like: pie. oh pie, how I love thee.
i write: journals for my kids.  I've done this since before the Princess was conceived.
i lose: five pounds and then regain it.  a lot.  hoping to break this trend soon.

i win: at Clue pretty much never.  My daughter rocks the Clue board.
i try: to keep this house clean but I live with really dirty people.
i  never: believe anything I hear until I check it out for myself.  I can thank my father for this never-ending cynicism.
i am grateful: for my life
i listen: to a wide variety of music.  I have the 50 Greatest Hymns disc in the kitchen CD player, and Van Halen in the car player.
i am scared: of watching my mother slowly die of a terrible disease for the next 20 years.
i need: a chef
i am happy about: fall activities, planning out the holidays, enjoying the cool weather, picking pumpkins
i tag: anyone who wants to do this :)


KateO said...

Love this and might just have to steal it...
I could steal many of your answers too.

BeLoVed AiMeE said...

PIE!!!! :)

Shay said...

haha Aimee :P

Heather said...

I borrowed this :) And I so could've used several of your answers as well, but I only used one :) I think, lol