Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Short Check In

Hello my lovelies, my apologies for being absent lately. I injured a finger pretty badly last week, and typing is painful. I wanted to just give a tiny hello & update, and promise to come back soon.
The Boy has been on medication for 2½ weeks. The first 2 weeks went incredibly well, and he was a completely different child - on task, compliant, not needing to be redirected etc. The last few days however, he has been constantly fatigued and frequently weepy, so back to the doctor we went. I know there is trial & error to the medicating process, but it's hard and I'm crabby about it.

I'll be offline tomorrow for the National Day of Prayer. I have Bible study in the morning, where we will be praying for personal needs, along with prayers for our nation and leaders. I'm excited about this, and can't wait to hear & see how God answers.

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