Wednesday, January 13, 2010

This & That

The Man has been meeting with the Mentor and it's going well. He's ordered himself a new study Bible, and we've been praying together as a family again. We've been communicating really well, and supporting one another in better ways. I'm feeling really good about where our marriage is, and I feel like we really are more in love than ever. Thank you God, because this is all Your doing, clearly!
The Princess was invited to participate in the District Music Festival, and we're so proud! She's an alto and has the sweetest voice. They have to get to school two hours early every Monday morning for two months to practice.
The Tyrant still refuses to use the potty. I have tried rewards, bribery, threats and insanity, and somehow none of these have worked. I'm thinking of hiring Jillian Michaels to motivate him.
The new church is still a big bowl of awesome and we couldn't be happier there. I am filling page after page of my study notebook with every new class & sermon. The Princess does 'PG Warriors' once a month, where they learn about prayer, keep a prayer journal and pray together. Have I mentioned the awesomeness?

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KateO said...

Kinda funny thinking of church as a big bowl of awesome.
PTL on the marriage stuff, how cool is that!
You should just rename the post "big bowl of awesome!" well, except the whole potty training thing.