Tuesday, August 19, 2008

"And now,' cried Max, "let the wild rumpus start!'

This past weekend was one for the books at Casa de Chaos. On Friday night we witnessed the renewal of wedding vows by our closest friends. It was really quite touching, and the Barnacle was really enthusiastic about it. The woman sitting in front of us must have agreed with him, as she kept turning around to look at him with an eye borrowed from Hot Wheels 3. Mercifully, the Princess volunteered to take him down the hall, and we got to watch the end in silence. At that point I was wearing a variety of cereals that he had managed to leave behind, bless his wee heart. Did I mention he can now announce, "I poooooooo!", and is cutting four teeth? All at once?

Saturday we picked up speed as we ran errands, did chores and schtuff. Dropped the kids off at my in-laws who were taking them to a grange fair. Later in the day we went to a barbecue hosted by one of the gals from my Bible study. We had a lovely time but the sheer volume of small children in the back yard created quite the hullabaloo. Small people everywhere, with all variety of snack and drink and wreckage to pick up behind them.

Sunday was church and then home for the Princess' 9th birthday party. More wild shriekings, with lots of kids running around throwing water balloons at my brother and each other, jumping in and out of the pool with water guns, and all the grandparents hiding from the aquatic fun in the house. Much fanfare was beheld as she opened her gifts, including two new WebKinz and the brand new, just came out, 'Mom, can you believe it?!' CD of the Camp Rock soundtrack. I'm already hearing the songs in my sleep.

Have I mentioned how happy I was when Monday finally arrived?

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Tara said...

Wow, 9??? Where has the time gone?!?