Friday, December 29, 2006

My daughter's first piercing

I took the Princess to get her ears pierced a few days ago. That was fun. And by fun I mean it was utter torture. She had earned all the required stickers to prove to us that she was old enough and responsible enough to get them done. We had talked about how it would hurt, how she would have to take care of them, and so forth. I figured we were pretty well organized and adult about this. What I did not plan on was that there would only be one employee handy to handle sticking sharp things into my daughter's ears ONE AT A TIME. To this end, there was 45 minutes between the piercing of the first ear and the piercing of the second ear. 45 minutes of her crying, and me cajoling. She knew she was stuck, as she could either get the second one done, or I would take the first one out. Neither option appealed to her of course. I'm proud of her, because she finally did suck it up and make herself be brave enough to do the second one.
She sure looks pretty with her sparkly ears!

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