Monday, October 17, 2011

Red Light

I pulled up to the red light and waited. In the back seat were my 5 year old son and the 3 year old son of a friend. The light has a long cycle. The boys were chattering away to each other while we sat. The light turned green just as a car was coming from the right. I hesitated for an instant, as she didn't seem to be slowing enough to stop for the light. She did stop though, and I moved forward, about to turn left.
I heard the truck before I saw it. The giant dump truck had blown the light, probably not even seeing it as it was next to another busy intersection. I heard his wheels locking up and then saw him as he turned to the left to avoid me. I was pushing the brake pedal through the floor, sure that we were going to collide. His tires were smoking and screaming as he stopped.
Then silence. Deep breath. He hadn't hit me. Our vehicles were so close that I couldn't even see the driver above me. The boys were still chattering. I thought I was going to vomit, but as he moved out of the intersection, I moved too. We were okay.
A minute down the road, I pulled over. I didn't think I should drive until I stopped shaking and crying. The boys continued to be unaware of what had happened. I pulled myself together and took them to school.

That moment could have changed our lives forever. It didn't; God spared us. I thought about what this could have done to my family and the family of the child whose care I had been entrusted with. I thanked God for the brand new brakes in my husband's brand new car that I was driving. I thanked God for the woman who hadn't been slowing down for the light, which made me hesitate before going through the intersection. I doubt that that woman knows she may have saved our lives. The young men in the car behind me were undoubtedly stunned by what they saw, as I saw their eyes wide and mouths hanging open in my mirror at the next light. Did God use what they saw to remind them to be safe & alert drivers?

We have a logo for our church, of a cross touching a pool of water, creating ripples. It reminds me that God can use everything that happens to us to impact not only us, but those around us. I don't know what that truck driver was thinking after we had both come to a stop. My husband works with large equipment and I know that he fears hitting someone when he drives his enormous work truck. He's had people pull out in front of him many times, not understanding that these large trucks cannot stop quickly. I will pray for the driver from this morning. I don't know who he is or anything about him. Whatever is going on in his life, I think it's likely that God got his attention with this. He could have killed us. I don't doubt that he knows this. I know God wants me to pray for him, and I will. And here's hoping that the rest of my week is quiet and uneventful!


Denise Hayden said...

Wow Shay that is a powerful and moving retelling of what must have been horrifying. Similar things have happened to me - a good reminder that God is with us every nano second. Praise God for your Godly response!

Thenonbloggingfriend said...

Holy Hannah! I am so happy, thankful and grateful that you and the kids are safe. \o/

Theresa said...

Praise the LORD...I am through my tears. Thank you for the reminder with the pool of water and the ripples we make in the lives of others.

KateO said...

wow. that's all I can say. Glad you're ok.

BeLoVed AiMeE said...

Tears! So thankful you're ok. How scary.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad I wasnt the only one all teary! Praise God... really words beyond that aren't necessary!

(but I do have a few other words.. ;)

First, Hearing "Holy Hannah" makes me miss Nova.. Geesh, not having FB I'm outta the loop for sure! Miss you all.. accidently found the Yuku site the other day.. cracks me up it's all still there.

Second..I was searching for a place that we had made backgrounds.. I know it was prolly an MSN group and they're all gone, but I was wondering..hoping.. praying that you might still have the HTML for making background/boarders? I've been put in charge of making electronic newsletters for my department and I'm trying to go pretty :)
Sorry, I know this doesnt really fit with your blog post, but I didnt know how else to contact you.
You can email me @ if you wanna.. I appreciate anything you can offer.. I spent hours looking for sites I deleted from my Favorites cause I didnt think I'd ever need them again ;/ oops.
Praying all is well with your family and that you're having a blessed fall season! <3

Shay said...

I miss you, Liz, lol. And I will email you.