Thursday, May 21, 2009

Facebook Ads

Some of my favorite Facebook ads....

Ad1.jpg ad 1 picture by Shay7474
for when squeezing the air out of a ziploc bag is just too challenging for you

Ad2.jpg ad 2 picture by Shay7474
I'm a nerd, but this cracked me up and I love that movie.

ad3.jpg picture by Shay7474
wow, that's some targeted advertising.... now I feel almost

Ad4.jpg picture by Shay7474
I think I've seen this guy near the bus station preaching about the end times

ad5.jpg picture by Shay7474
because when you're searching for a complete stranger to watch your children for several hours, 'fast & easy' is what you want

ad6.jpg picture by Shay7474
naaaahahaha, how awesome is that?!

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BeLoVedAiMeE said...


ok I think my favorite is the Highlander tee.

too funny.

Carla said...

bahahaha I love it! By the way great new blog layout. Thanks for the laugh.