Monday, December 8, 2008

Yes, it's new layout time again

And if you hate it, you can blame my friend Nova, who told me that the old layout was boring. I'm pretty sure that this one is even more so, but when you mess with html, sometimes you get the horns, or in this case, you lose all your nifty sidebar items and have to start over. I hunted through loads of Pyzam layouts but I hate how 99% of them squish your main text into a tiny little column. And I can keep fussing with this today, or I can tend to the stomach-virus-laden child who is currently sleeping on the couch. I can tell you what I'd rather be doing of course, but it will get messy if I ignore the Princess for too long.



Nova Kristin said...

Are ya tryin' to kill me?;-)
Can I help it I like color?;-)

Shay said...

Ok ok.... I made a new banner, changed the sidebars to blue and added stripey blue dividers between posts. I hope you're happy, I should be sleeping!

Nova Kristin said...

ha I knew you loved me!

I love it, so much better.
Now I can move on to other things.
How much filing do you have to do?
(insert laughing little green guy here)